eta|vac BP-30


The eta|vac BP-30 is a bellows pump for the handling of different products.
It is assimiable into existing handling systems. Just connect the vacuum pipe of the old vacuum ejector to the BP-30.

Product benefits

  • Energy savings of about 66%
  • Significant reduction of operating costs
  • Environmental protection through reduced energy consumption
  • Suitable for air-permeable media
  • No additional sensor systems needed

Technical Data

Description Unit Specification
Diameter bellows mm 30
Stroke (bellows) (mm) 20
Speed max. (m/s) 7,3
Clock rate max. (1/sec) 7
Power consumption (W) 70
Low pressure max. (bar) -0,5
Flow rate max. (l/Min) 6
Number of suction cups/ Diameter suction cup (number) Adaptable depending on the application
Service lifetime drive (million cycles) 20
Service lifetime bellows (million cycles) 10
Weight (kg) 1,6

Data Sheet